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Social networks have become outrage machines

Social networks are designed to maximise time spent on their platforms. These design decisions unfortunately push out content that is controversial and polarising.

As a result fake news travels six times farther than truth, they're over-run with bots and trolls - ruining your experience and overwhelming the positive content. This is bad for your mental health.


of Americans admitted to malicious activity online


of online harassment happened on a social media site or app


The speed at which fake news travels compared to other information

We help you take control

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It's impossible for social platforms to effectively stamp out bots, harassment, racism and hate speech. They build blunt tools for everyone. Moderate gives you better tools, designed to experience your feed the way you want to.

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Only you can decide what content you want to see, but finding it can be like a needle in a haystack. We give you the power to make the rules yourself - prioritising what you enjoy to make your feed more interesting and healthy.

Frictionless tools for thoughtful consumption

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Quick visibility

Uncover negative and positive content and see it all at a glance

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AI based context

We recognize and tag patterns of behaviour, good and bad

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Simple actions

Mute, block, report, unfollow, follow or read in a single click